At Little Einsteins Day Nursery Ltd, we serve interesting, fresh and nutritious meals. All meals are prepared daily onsite in a full catering kitchen, by our cook.
We serve a diverse menu of meals to ensure that all children have their '5 a day' portion of fresh fruit and vegetables. Click here for more information on '5 a day'
The menu is carefully planned by our cooks, who take into consideration any allergies or special dietary requests (including weaning). We encourage all parents and carers to discuss any allergies or special dietary requirements with a member of Little Einsteins staff, who will ensure that these requests are catered for. A menu is provided to show the snacks and meals children can have during their stay at nursery.

The menu is changed each term so that children have the opportunity to try a range of different foods, including seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Our meal times are social events where we encourage the children to develop their independence, self help and social skills. 
At breakfast time; children are given a selection of cereals to choose from. They are then supported with pouring the cereals of their choice and milk into their bowl.
At ‘independent snack time’; children are encouraged to collect a cup, and then choose the snack they would like from a selection which is provided.
At meal times; children are encouraged to 'set' the table with a table cloth, plates and the cutlery they will need.  The food is placed in dishes in the centre of each table, and they are then supported to serve their own food onto their individual plates.
After breakfast, snack and meal times, children are encouraged and supported to help practitioners to tidy away, by; pouring away their leftover drinks, and scraping away their leftover food into a bowl. They are then supported to wash their own hands and faces, and are reminded to look in the mirror to check that their faces are clean.
In 2012, the nursery gained a highly sought after award to recognise that we met a list of standards relating to; the snacks, meals and drinks provided by the nursery and also the healthy practices we promote to the children. In short, the award recognised the lengths that the setting took to encourage the children who attend to be healthy.  Since achieving the award, the nursery has continued to implement the high standards which were identified in 2012.
In January 2018, the nursery has signed up to a new scheme called Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives (HLHL) which is being run by the Public Health department of Doncaster Council.  This scheme will be similar to the snack right, smile bright scheme in which we will have to self-reflect on the services provided, submit evidence to show we are meeting the criteria, and make any improvements identified.  We are reallye excited about taking part in this new scheme, and we are committed to demonstrate our high standards for healthy practices once again.